Theology group is a very informal group of people who have a common interest in a particular topic and want to examine it “theologically”- with God in mind and in dialogue with our tradition. Not a class, not a research group, not a book club, we are a group of people who coalesce over a theme of common interest and do our best with it. Over the years since 2014 we have looked at atheism in its modern, militant form; at the saints and particular ones, at psalms as used in liturgy and in music and monasticism, among other things. We meet approximately once a month following coffee time, during the school year. Who knows, we may add an online component in future, but the main purpose is to get together in person where possible: the discussion is wide ranging according to the concerns of those present. Those wanting to be on a mailing list for “backgrounder” discussion papers, please contact Mryka Hall-Beyer through the Holy Cross office.